Monitoring & Control Systems

Atlas has experience in installation, repair, calibration, calibration certification & fault finding of many driver, operator aides & safety systems for crane & mobile plant.

These systems include Crane Anti-Collision & Zoning systems. Crane Rated Capacity Indicators. Load Indicators including Portable weighers. Hook Height & Rope Counters. Wind Measuring Devices. Plant Limiting Systems for particular applications.


  1. SMIE
  3. LSI

SMIE Anti-Collision & Zoning Systems

Atlas is the Australian representative for SMIE Anti-Collision & Zoning systems for tower cranes. We provide sales, rentals, installation, calibration and service of systems for specific cranes and applications and site requirements.

Atlas introduced the SMIE Anti-Collision System to the Australian market and has successfully installed systems to many multi crane job sites throughout Australia. Some key Developers and Builders continue to utilize this system.

Atlas works closely with SMIE to further develop the systems to adapt to the constant changes and demands of the Australian industry.

In addition to the Anti-Collision System, Atlas is also able to install and set up a SMIE Supervisor (monitoring) System. This is used for on and off site viewing of system performance and providing potential off site diagnosis to improve response if a problem occurs creating less downtime. The SGC-240 Supervisor System also logs data so the history of the job can be accessed. Wind monitoring and logging is another option with this system so downloading the wind speed history for the duration of the job means downtime due to winded off days that can be analyzed.

The SMIE system is available in many forms as a Rated Capacity Indicator, Data Logger Display and wind meter, Zoning system, Anti-Collision system or an all in one package. The Anti-Collision system can also be configured to operate as a warning system only.

Technology Development

In 1985 SMIE developed and marketed the first anti-collision system. Digital technologies for computation and data transmission have since been used to manufacture products that are ever more efficient.

SMIE has become the tower cranes anti-collision specialist with thousands of systems sold and used on every type of crane around the world. Their primary concern is to ensure safety without decreasing work-site output. This objective has led them to widen their range: besides the products and basic services, consulting and training have become absolutely necessary.

Building sites are becoming more and more complex, often involving several contractors and cranes of multiple origins. The management of such sites has extended the concept of simple inter-crane interference to what they choose to call "co-activity". Various types of lifting machines are progressively being outfitted both in the building and in the general industrial lifting applications. Pioneer of the coming era, SMIE introduces the latest technologies (radio/web communications) in order to improve the efficiency of maintenance and to insure adaptability to future needs and applications.

From design to installation, from consulting to training, SMIE has achieved mastery of a multifaceted profession through innovation, technological awareness and by keeping up to date with regulation tendencies.


In Conjunction with Favelle Favco, Atlas Electrical Technologies & Services have developed a hydraulic & air interface to SMIE Systems that controls the electro mechanical intervention of these types of cranes to prevent collision.

This control system can quite easily be adapted to suit many other forms of controlling hydraulics.

LSI Wireless Technology

Atlas has sold and installed many forms of LSI systems for mobile and tower cranes in the Australian market.

The system uses wireless technology for all its sensors. No need to run cables up and down booms & jibs.

Load Systems Internationals Profile

Load Systems International Inc is a market leading manufacturer of wireless technology. Their products focus on two market sectors: providing Wireless Instrumentation for the Crane & Lifting industries and their Wireless Technology Division provides Wireless Transmitters and Wireless Gateways for general industrial applications.

LSI was founded in 1998 by 3 individuals who had been involved with the design/manufacturing/distribution of hardwired crane instrumentation. They saw the advantages that wireless technology could bring to the crane/lifting industries: elimination of cables, expensive calibration, high cost for field installations and the frustration involved with long term support of cable based technology.

Today LSI has 80 employees; the company averages 30% annual growth; and operates from locations in Houston, Tx; Quebec City, Canada and Dubai, UAE. In their early years they came to understand that to achieve success in the Crane & Lifting Industry, they would need to develop and manufacture our own wireless chip technology. A number of crane boom designs are a complex structure for wireless technology to work effectively in proximity to; LSI has mastered its technical capability operating successfully on cranes and lifting equipment worldwide.

In 2006 LSI released its GS Series Wireless Technology. It features a market leading range of 4,000’/1300m; direct sequence two-way communication. LSI offers two options for powering their transmitters: A)Operating from 1-D cell lithium battery providing up to 2 years of battery life; B) A hardwired permanent power source. Their products operate in environments where RFI is high and other competitors have been unable to provide successful solutions.

From the success LSI have had in the Crane and Lifting Industry, their products have migrated to applications in the general Industrial market place. In January 2010 LSI launched its Wireless Technology Division to provide general industrial applications with their market proven technology.

LSI offers explosion proof options for their transmitters with certifications that include CSA-US and ATEX.

Users can purchase wireless transmitters, wireless gateways and Dashboard Software from LSI's Wireless Technology Division and Wireless Crane Division to solve critical communication/data transfer solutions. LSI's Crane Instrumentation Division serves the need of a broad cross section of crane / hoist / lifting applications

Remote Controls

In conjunction with Remote Control supplier’s Atlas has experience in design & development of remote control systems to meet an application for potential retro-fit installations, modifications to existing controllers and or upgrades to meet additional system requirements.


In line with Limatlas, we have also been involved in designing PLC controllers for various plants to meet a particular application. Atlas also has experience in development and installation of limiting systems for cranes & mobile plants these systems include slew & boom limitation for mobile & tower cranes along with excavators, loaders, piling & drilling rigs.

These systems can operate as an interface or warnings systems only.

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